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On interior design

“They are kind enough to describe my work in Vienna so far as “architectural”. But unfortunately it is not. (…) Designing apartment interiors has nothing to do with architecture. I have learned my living by it, because it is something I can do. Just like when I was in America I sometimes washed dishes so as to keep body and soul togheter. (…) And so I designed interiors, and still I do. I give advice. If it’s a wallpaper you want, then we’ll go to Schmidt’s at the new market. Do you want plain or striped? You like that one? I’d recommend this one. Some people come to me because they don’t know what to do or because they are too busy to do it themselves, other because they don’t know where to get the materials. But every one of them ends up with an apartment which suits their individual personality and the life they lead. With one or two design modifications suggested by me.”