is an interdisciplinary practice dedicated to research and design within the fields of architecture and exhibition design. Raumplan works through the collective effort of architects, graphic designers and philosophers to combine pragmatism and critical thinking for an understanding of contemporary conditions within visual arts and disciplines.

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Founders and Associates

Giacomo Scandolara


Giacomo Scandolara (1988). He is one of three founders and partners at Giga Design Studio since 2016. He serves there as Design Director. Before he was designing for studio FM milano as senior visual designer ranging between digital, editorial, environmental and branding. In 2013 he also started a constant collaboration with Yellow Cat Studio after an internship at Graph.x (Lissoni Associati). Since 2016 he is assistant professor at Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design. He co-founded Raumplan in 2013.

Gabriele Donini


Gabriele Donini (1989). He is one of three founders and partners at Giga Design Studio since 2016. He serves as Design Director with a focus on user experience, product design and branding. Before, he was designing for Leftloft where he worked, among other clients, for Cassina, Triennale di Milano, Istanbul Biennial and on the rebrandings of F.C. Internazionale and Subito. He created Superinternet with a friend to celebrate his passion for interneting.

Nicolò Ornaghi


Nicolò Ornaghi (1989), architect, studied at Politecnico di Milano and at AHO (the Oslo school for Architecture and Design). He worked in Salottobuono in Milan, at Spacegroup in Oslo and for Christ & Gantenbein in Basel. From 2013 Nicolò Ornaghi is part of Hublab, a knowledge transfer company based in Milan. He wrote or collaborated with magazines as Abitare, AnfioneZeto, Charta, Log, San Rocco. He is now living and working in Milan.

Giacomo Viviani


Giacomo Viviani (1984). He studied International Sciences at Università degli Studi di Milano. In 2011 he collaborates with Cascina Cuccagna as graphic designer and exhibition planner. In 2012 he is co-founder of Breadtree, while he works as freelance designer. From 2013 he’s working at Coreconsulting S.p.A. where, as creative consultant, he deals with UX and UI design, graphic design and copywriting. He is a Raumplan associate.

Andrea De Nicola


Andrea De Nicola (1985). He studies advertising and communication at IED in Milan (2004-07) and in 2008 moves to Melbourne to attend a Master in Multimedia Design at Swinburne University. Professional copywriter and multimedia designer since 2007 today works between Turin and Milan as senior creative consultant at Coreconsulting S.p.A. He is a Raumplan associate.

Matteo Maggi


Matteo Maggi (1985). After a Secondary School diploma, he worked as a gardener in Varese until 2011. Since 2012, he has served in Cascina Cuccugna (Milan) as logistics and event manager. In 2013 he creates Falegnameria Cuccagna, a carpentry laboratory. He is a Raumplan associate since 2016.

Francesco Zorzi


Francesco Zorzi (1989), architect, studied at Politecnico di Milano. He worked with Salottobuono office in Milan, and collaborated with San Rocco Magazine and Piovenefabi. In 2015 Zorzi has worked as academic assistant for the History of Architecture lab, held by Marco Biraghi. He wrote articles for magazines such as Log and San Rocco. He is now living and working in Zurich. He is a Raumplan associate.