Fika Festival

Milano Fuorisalone 2015
Cascina Cuccagna

Fika Festival is born by a concept originally developed by Studio Electrico, a collective based in Stockholm. Starting from it Raumplan has set up a collective exhibition at Cascina Cuccagna where each designer explores the theme of having a break.
Fika is a Swedish hardly translatable word, whose basic meaning is «to have a coffee». It refers though to a true social institution in Sweden, involving a more undefined concept: meeting a friend, sharing life stories with a coffee and a bun.

Photo ©Andrea Pariani
Photo ©Andrea Pariani

The whole set-up is based on the idea of making happenings rather than showing products: that’s why we called it a festival. The layout of the space is designed to encourage people to rest, have a coffee and get inspired by the artifacts.
A still life is the fixed scene for the layout: a long table set with design objects – the projects exhibited – as bottles and vases in a Morandi still life. The layout is set in the gate of Corte Nord, a second entrance to Cascina garden.

Fika Table Layout
Coffee Table Layout

The design of the table is a reinterpretation of one of the projects contained in Enzo Mari’s book Autoprogettazione?. The original supporting structure system has been multiplied: eight legs sustain the heavy surface mede of refurbished scaffold planks. The cafè stands, right next to the table, are made of the elements of the main table, transposed to a thinner and taller coffee table, which encloses the old washbasin. The contrasting heights of the tables create a visual asymmetry which underlines their different destination of use.

Photo ©Yung Ching
Photo ©Yung Ching

People are invited to sit around and have a fika. They can have a chat with other guests and enjoy a cup of coffee: a light wooden structure hosts the bar where hot coffee and kanelbulle (a Swedish cinnamon roll) are served.

5 days, 5 designers, 5 happenings. In the exhibition different practices coexist and interact: industrial designers, experience and food designers, product and print designers. Each of them creates his own happening, interpreting the mood of fika.

Studio Electrico – Give and take cafè. Photo ©Andrea Pariani
Josefin Vargö e Pomme van Hoof – Talking Taste. Photo ©Andrea Pariani
Sofia Lazzeri – White Noise. Photo ©Yung Ching
Kote Magasinet – An Oslo Based Mag. Photo ©Yung Ching
Andrea Pariani – ATT FIKA: A photo-reportage about fika culture. Photo ©Andrea Pariani

A project by Raumplan

Project team: Pietro Bonomi, Andrea De Nicola, Nicolò Ornaghi, Giacomo Scandolara, Giacomo Viviani, Francesco Zorzi
Exhibition: Natural Cycle, Curated by Officina Temporanea and produced by ACCC (Associazione Consorzio Cantiere Cuccagna) and Best Up
Exhibition venue and date: Cascina Cuccagna, Milano. 16th April – 3rd May 2015
Curatorship: Nicolò Ornaghi, Pietro Bonomi, Giacomo Viviani, Andrea De Nicola
Graphic design: Giga Design Studio with Andrea De Nicola and Giacomo Viviani
Exhibition design: Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi
Wayfinding design: Systems Studio
Exhibition View: Louis De Belle, Martina Rosa
Production: Matteo Maggi, Andrea Ferrari
Participants: Studio Electrico, Josephin Vargö & Pomme van Hoof, Sofia Lazzeri, Marta Polenghi, KOTE

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