Avalanche #18

Triennale di Milano

An exhibition by Carlos Casas

Avalanche #18

Raumplan designed the set up for the 18th edition of Avalanche. “A journey through time, a mirror that reflects the history of the village of Hichigh. An open, constantly evolving documentary, the project of my life” is how the artist and director Carlos Casas describes Avalanche, a project he launched in 2009, now in its eighteenth version. It tells the story of a small village on the Pamir heights in Tajikistan, the “roof of the world” on the border with Afghanistan.

Avalanche is thus a space to be experienced and enjoyed in different ways and times, a contemplative and active space, depending on the particular event, with videos, sounds and words. 
Thanks to collaboration between Casas and the architectural research firm Raumplan, the space will be adapted so as to reflect the architectural criteria typically found in houses in the Pamir mountain range.

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Exhibition Design by Raumplan for Carlos Casas' Avalanche#18 curated by Davide Giannella at Triennale di Milano


Triennale di Milano


October 9 - 27, 2019

Design Team

Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi


Davide Giannella


Piercarlo Quecchia for DSL Studio

Raumplan X Czar

Czar Milano launch party

June 25, 2019