Capitalism is Over

Milano Design Week 2017

Cascina Cuccagna, Milano

Capitalism is Over

Capital-based economy is far from giving way. However, the spectre of an end of capitalism – at least as we knew it – is today often evoked in several fields, not least in design. Capitalism is over is a parody, a retrospective survey and a fictional framework for investigating potentials and weaknesses of design in a time of radical changes: an imaginary farewell party featuring iconic products from the golden age of 20th century capitalism together with their contemporary successors, born of the crisis and new business models.

The exhibition is mostly dedicated to two historical and theoretical extremes in the recent history of capitalism: Olivetti and Amazon.
Featuring photographs taken by Louis De Belle at Olivetti’s headquarters and archive in Ivrea, the section entitled But it used to be so cool puts its focus on a company that represents one of the most recognised symbols of the Italian economic boom.

The photos by Delfino Sisto Legnani, taken at Ikea and Amazon logistic hubs in Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza), investigate the consequences and the power relations that a new economic and technological cycle is imposing to the market. The section is named Bigger Faster Cheaper.
The last section, New Times New Rules, analyses the new possibilities opened up by independent production and autonomous distribution.

A project by Raumplan


Cascina Cuccagna, Milano


1 - 9 April 2017

Curatorship - Main Exhibition

Pietro Bonomi, Nicolò Ornaghi

Curatorship - Collective Exhibition

Andrea De Nicola


Louis De Belle, Delfino Sisto Legnani

Exhibition Design

Nicolò Ornaghi, Salottobuono

Art Direction

Giga Design Studio

Graphic Design

Gabriele Donini, Giacomo Scandolara, Giacomo Viviani


Matteo Maggi, Andrea Ferrari

Exhibition View

Louis De Belle, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Federico Evangelista

Press Office

Luisa Castiglioni

Everything Solid

Deconstructing Boby

3 June - 12 June 2017

MEGA, Milano