Means of conflict

Milan Design Week 2015

Tile Space Project


Shipwrecks is a delimited space in which two groups of young architects confront their diametrically opposed approach to architectural practice. Raumplan and Parasite 2.0 occupy two extremes. One focused on the past, vigorously future-oriented the other. In times of crisis, as in the early days of postmodern or in other periods characterized by radical changes, the cultural debate renovates an eternal struggle between contrasting visions whose relevance transcends from theory to life itself.

Opposed approaches create different trajectories that happen to collide but also to coincide. The exhibition aims to re-establish a set of means of conflict – in order to fuel confrontation, rather than prevent it. We thus reference to historical cases as Global Tools, in which divergent tendencies have found a common interface for converting relevant issues in shared purposes.

Hosted by Tile Project Space in Milan, the exhibition features works by both groups, showing antithetical orientations and references. Two debates were held inside the exhibit space. The guests discussed with the two groups of architects about the contemporary tendencies in architecture and their relation with the economic crisis.

A contribution by Raumplan for Shipwrecks-Means of Conflict at Tile Project Space


Tile project space, from 14th to 18th April 2015, Milan Shipwrecks is the shrinking point where two groups of young architects with diametrically opposed approaches share their takes on the complex of today’s architectural practice. As at the dawn of postmodernism or of others periods of transition, the debate proposes once again an eternal clash of visions extending the scope of action beyond the theoretical practice. The trajectories of Raumplan and Parasite 2.0, one searching stable roots in the past and while the other projected into the future, are sometimes coinciding, sometimes colliding. It thus becomes necessary to show some relevant confrontation’s dynamics, with reference to historical precedents such as global tools where different approaches find a common ground, a shared interface where translating central themes in common tasks. Housed in tile project space, shipwrecks showcases the work of the two groups exhibiting their differences. With the exhibit opening, Tile helds two days of debate with different personalities with the aim to investigate the possibility of a shared space in which to discuss the transformation of contemporary practice even in its most radicalized and conflicting aspects. The debate aim is to transform a conflict ground in a flywheel for hypothesis of mutations. 15th April 2015 H18.30: Positions/Oppositions with Ugo La Pietra, Matteo Ghidoni (San Rocco) and Marco Biraghi 16th April 2015 H18.30: Points of View With Parasite 2.0, Raumplan, Fosbury Architecture, IRA-C, Guido Tesio, Rem Magazine Moderator: Gizmo Photo: Parasite 2.0 and Tile Project Space


14th - 18th April 2015


Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi with Maria Elena Garzoni, Margherita Napolitani, Riccardo Radaelli


Nicolò Ornaghi with Guido tesio

Exhibition View

Parasite 2.0, Tile Project Space


Milano Design Week 2015

Spazio Artepassante