A Canopy

Terraforma 2016

Villa Arconati, Bollate

A Canopy

Raumplan, together with Supervoid Architects, designed a canopy for Terraforma festival 2016 at Villa Arconati in Bollate, outside Milan.

The project consists in a series of triangular canopies produced with sailing materials and technologies. They are hung to the existing trees with different inclinations and heights. During the day the sails produce shadow while during the night they are lightened to become colored lanterns under the concert area.

Installation by Raumplan with Supervoid Architects for Terraforma 2016


Vialla Arconati, Bollate, Milano


1 - 3 July 2016

Installation Design

Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi, Supervoid Architects

Installation View

Marco Provinciali, Michela Di Savino


Terraforma with Giacomo Battaini

Forms of Formalism n°3

27 June 2017

MEGA, Milano