Unbuilt Rome

5 May - 9 June 2017


raumplan - Unbuilt Rome

The Rome-based gallery CAMPO invited Raumplan and other eight emerging Italian offices – AM3, BDR Bureau, Fosbury, Ganko, Gosplan, La Macchina, Supervoid, Warehouse of Architecture and Research – to take part to “Unbuilt Rome”, a collective exhibition about unbuilt projects designed for Rome.

CAMPO selected nine case studies and assigned one of them to each participant. The contributors were asked to produce a brief text and a series of illustrations, choosing the preferred technique of representation within the given format of four picture frames.

Raumplan was assigned a project by Carlo Aymonino on the famous Colossus Neronis, a colossal statue once collocated in front of the Coliseum. We decided to invite an artist to do a contemporary remake of the colossus, so we sent an invitation letter to the Swiss artist Urs Fischer.

A contribution by Raumplan for Unbuilt Rome, curated by CAMPO




5 May - 9 June 2017


Nicolò Ornaghi, Francesco Zorzi

Graphic Design

Giacomo Scandolara

Exhibition View


Alte Meister Komödie

On Interior Design

13 -18 September 2016

Villa Vertua, Nova Milanese

raumplan - Alte Meister Komodie