Unico e Ripetibile

Competition Entry

February 2018

MDC at Triennale di Milano

Unico e Ripetibile

Alongside his busy activity as a gallerist – with four exhibition spaces in Milan, London and Hong Kong – Massimo De Carlo has built an important collection in the last decades, including three bodies of works / objects, in very
different areas but inevitably promiscuous among each other. Unico e Ripetibile exhibition at the Triennale di Milano presents the most complete series ever exhibited of the words tapestries by Alighiero Boetti, a selection of ceramics produced in Weimar in the years before the Second World War and a collection of posters of the Italian graphic artist and designer AG Fronzoni from the 80s and 90s.
Interested in investigating the links between art and industry, on the border between serial artefacts and works of art (and vice versa) Massimo De Carlo has launched a competition for the design of an exhibition at La Triennale di Milano to showcase its collections.

Photo by Adrian Gaut courtesy August

Raumplan proposed to use the basic module from the storage system that characterizes the entrance in Via Ventura – the first gallery opened by Massimo De Carlo in Lambrate in 2003 – customizing it as the only support for the exhibition design of his personal collections. An archival solution, in itself neutral and indifferent, recognizable as the transposition of one of the most characteristic elements of the Lambrate gallery. A standard solution that allows multiple uses and fit the needs of an extremely high number of objects on display. The modules would compose vertical and horizontal surfaces, shelvings, tables and corridors. The focus is on the objects, the exhibition design is just a support which allows the visitor to experience the objects as a whole, without interference, re-proposing that link between art and industrial objects that guides the collections of Massimo De Carlo.

Competition entry by Raumplan for Massimo De Carlo


Triennale di Milano


February 2018

Concept Design

Pietro Bonomi, Nicolò Ornaghi, Giacomo Viviani, Francesco Zorzi

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Courtesy MDC Galleria Massimo De Carlo

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Milano Digital Week 2018

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